Dedicated Resource Services
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Dedicated Resource Services

When time is of the essence!

A dedicated fleet managed by Haney Truck Line allows you to concentrate on your primary business and core competencies knowing that the transportation segment of your business is under professional, focused management.

A dedicated transportation agreement provides the same consistent, controllable access to transportation resources that you have owning your own equipment without actually having to do so. Even better, you have the premium service you need with the freedom to apply your core competencies and financial resources to your primary business. You receive all of the benefits of a private fleet, without the operational or logistics challenges, regulatory compliance issues, safety management problems, maintenance management, labor issues like driver recruitment and retention, or cost containment issues related to fuel, insurance, medical and overhead. All this AND the benefits of focused, transportation centric people, technology and equipment with built in backup! Dedicated service provides the highest level of service and is an excellent choice for any business looking to improve your transportation program with confidence, but without the headaches.

Dedicated service provides excellent service and enhances responsiveness to your customers. Dedicated service provides the highest level of response and resource control. For more information about how our dedicated services can benefit you contact a member of our sales team today!


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