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Company Driver Opportunities

Get on the Road with the Pacific Northwest’s Premier Carrier!

Thank you for considering Haney Truck Line as your next place of employment. We are confident your decision to apply with us will prove to be a good one! We are currently seeking Professional Company Line Drivers to fill our customer needs in the following areas:

  • Tumwater, Washington
  • Burlington, Washington
  • Pacific, Washington
  • Portland, Oregon
  • Yakima, Washington
  • Spokane, Washington
  • All other areas of Washington, Western Idaho, and Oregon (along major corridors)

Line Driver Positions are subject to the following:

  • Will be out on the road 5-7 days per week (as needed)
  • May have weekends off (not guaranteed)
  • Must be available (on call) one (1) weekend a month as needed to cover loads.
  • Will not be home every night. Exception: Pre-approved, signed arrangement through Operations and his/her Fleet Manager. It is understood that all driver schedules are subject to the “unexpected” out-on-the-road event (breakdown/Hours of Service rules).

Get on the road fast! 


IMPORTANT – To ensure that your application is given the highest priority and is processed quickly:

  • You must include a full ten-year employment history. Make sure to include both driving and non-driving positions; please explain any gaps in employment.
  • You must provide a valid address and phone number for all previous employers.
  • If something does not apply to you, mark it with N/A.
  • Incomplete applications slow down our hiring process, so double check that all information is complete!
  • For more information, call our Driver Recruitment Line at (888)414-4467 or stop by the terminal closest to you!
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