Single Source
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Single Source

Under this type of service Haney provides transportation service to the shipper as part of a comprehensive transportation package to include the distribution and movement of all product, dunnage and related items from your facility to distribution points. As a part of this service we provides the equipment, personnel, and management to ensure a consistent, quality level of service to the business, including but not limited to, local delivery, hostling services, and movement of product to all points. This operating/pricing scenario provides an excellent level of service with the ultimate in convenience. Under a single source contract loads beyond the scope of our resources are assigned to strategic transportation partners arranged for and managed by us as a part of an integrated distribution solution. All loads go through Haney and we assume responsibility for the delivery of all freight tendered to, and accepted under, the agreement. This differs from a dedicated arrangement in that resources typically all come from the carriers common fleet rather that being stationed at the shipper’s facility and usually does not include shipper specific equipment like trailer decals.

Payment arrangements available for single source service again come in a variety of formats including: hourly, daily, monthly, per mile or a combination of these. However, some rates under this arrangement will be affected by market changes outside the control of Haney since the service may involve other carriers.

A single-source agreement provides a “one stop” solution for your all your transportation requirements in a comprehensive, managed package.


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